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Green Metallic Ankara Bonnet

Green Metallic Ankara Bonnet

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“The Ankara fabric, originally known as the Dutch Wax Print, has been in existence for a long time.  Initially, it was produced by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market through a process called ‘Batik’. The Indonesians carried out batik by melting wax and making a pattern of it across a blank cloth. Afterwards, the cloth is soaked in dye but the wax on the cloth prevents the dye from covering the whole cloth. Where more colours are needed, the wax-and-soak process is repeated with new patterns. This Fabric is known for its colourful prints that bear much significance to the African culture. One distinct feature of the Ankara fabric is the lack of difference in the color intensity of the front and back sides.  In early times, women used Ankara as a method of non-verbal communication with specific patterns used as a common language with shared meanings.”

Sizing Measurements:

Standard Baby/Kids: 20-22" (head circumfrence)(fit for infants-4yrs of age)

(*please type in the notes the age of the child*)

Standard Adult: 22-24" (head circumfrence)

Perfect for chin length or shorter hairstyles!

Adult Large: 22-24" (head circumfrence)

 Perfect for shoulder length-mid back hairstyles!

Adult Extra Large: 22-24"(head circumfrence)

  Perfect for hair lengths past shoulder length. This size is great for holding braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos, and more!

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